On the strength of widespread praise, Kotak takes first place from three-time champ CLSA, which drops to No. 4 in our annual ranking.
New and diverse companies trigger demand for more investment analysis. The big winner: homegrown Kotak Securities.
India central bank lowers rates; Brexit jitters send pound down, stocks up; Bass Pro Shops merges with Cabela’s.
OPEC leader backs oil-production caps; India strikes inside Pakistan; Pepsi earnings up; Spain struggles to form government; big layoffs at Commerzbank.
Investors welcome the government’s new Goods and Services Tax, believing it will boost growth and investment.
For the near term, at least, prevailing market conditions aren’t likely to veer strongly from their current trajectory. In such conditions, go idiosyncratic.
As the iPhone maker struggles to come up with the next great thing, labor — not innovation — might turn out to be CEO Tim Cook’s biggest problem.
Time for the weekend! Here’s some of the latest news for your reading enjoyment.
The lesson of Brexit and Narendra Modi’s GST victory is that who makes decisions matters just as much, if not more, than the outcome.
The country’s democracy can slow reform, yet Modi’s steady approach has prevailed on a goods and services tax. Investors should be no less patient.