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A State Street report shows that even some of the largest investors lack the scale, resources, or foresight to leverage artificial intelligence.
NYU professor says “mission creep” has led the FDIC to bail out everyone — and not always in a cost-effective manner.
“It’s literally a handbook,” Marshall said. “It’s meant to be a resource on everybody’s shelf.”
As the former FTX crypto kingpin headed for a conviction, the author continued to praise the protagonist of his latest book.
“You’re fighting a system that’s so ingrained. You just have to be smart. You have to be strategic,” says Angela Miller-May.
“A lot of investors are hesitant to be in a first close or to go first. They want to see a seeded portfolio, they want to see evidence of fundraising traction. But at the end of the day, someone has to go first,” says MPowered’s Yibai Li Haney.
“In our fast-paced markets, it shouldn’t take 10 days for the public to learn about an attempt to change or influence control of a public company,” said SEC Chair Gary Gensler.