Clinton, Trump neck and neck before debate; Moody’s lowers Turkish debt to junk; Wenner sells 49 percent of Rolling Stone.
The country’s economic fundamentals have not been affected by the thwarted military putsch in mid-July.
Time for the weekend! Here’s some of the latest news for your reading enjoyment.
A country that united against the plot risks being united in fear of Erdogan’s crackdown, in which a critical financial analyst can be arrested.
Improved economic policies and better chances for yield compared with developed markets are two reasons for the outlook for the asset class.
Markets resist series of security blows; Softbank to acquire ARM for $30 billion; Chinese home prices cool.
Investors focus on employment data; Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu to step down; Alibaba beats estimates; Tesla sales soar.
Politics constrains the macroeconomy and capital markets by weighing on policy choices, in turn affecting a country’s ability to manage shocks.
Euro zone ekes out growth in volatile market; ceasefire in Syria stirs skepticism; AIG names Paulson and an Icahn nominee to the board; Dems debate again.
When it comes to beating back terrorism, harnessing the talents of those in troubled areas will prove more effective than drone strikes.