The IMF chief aims to salvage globalization by promoting more inclusive growth and greater policy coordination. But can she make herself heard in a world of rising populist pressures?
Investors welcome the government’s new Goods and Services Tax, believing it will boost growth and investment.
Little contagion from the referendum is seen on EU ratings, while concerns about a possible global slowdown are offset by a wall of money chasing yields.
Romer, who has championed urbanization as a driver of emerging-markets growth, wants to have a big impact at the development bank.
Low rates are a signal that all is not well with the global economy, making it likely the rally in stocks will end in tears.
Bitter referendum campaign will leave deep scars over immigration and economic insecurity in Britain and across the EU.
Consumers have overtaken investment as the biggest driver of the economy, and urbanization should sustain growth for years to come.
Far from being sluggish, first-quarter growth was boosted by unusually warm weather; the economy is likely to falter as the year progresses.
Influx from Syria can be a stimulus rather than a burden if governments adopt policies to facilitate refugees’ entrance into the workforce, she says.
The metal has rebounded because of economic and financial fears. But the rally could fade if the Fed raises rates and the dollar strengthens.