Foreign Exchange

With signs of fresh life in several major developing markets, investors should think carefully before jumping back in.
In the face of sluggish global growth, the U.S. has made a respectable economic showing. That doesn’t mean the rest of the world should use the U.S. as its fallback.
President Michel Temer’s commitment to fiscal discipline might not be an all-encompassing panacea for the Brazilian economy. But it’s a start.
Aetna drops most of its Obamacare coverage; BHP posts record loss; VW nears settlement with DOJ; Gawker auction struggles.
Easing and hiccups elsewhere, combined with healthy domestic fundamentals, point to a stronger U.S. currency, analysts say.
Brazil’s Senate votes to press ahead with Rousseff impeachment trial; PBOC pledges to push international usage of the yuan.
What’s coming after trepidations over China and Brexit: concerns over populist politics.
You may find yield from government bonds by taking active interest rate risk and moving into small countries’ debt.
The U.S. dollar and private credit are two of several opportunities in the present market, though choppy waves remain.
North American–based fixed-income investors would do well to broaden their portfolio horizons.