Equity Markets

European stocks retreat as oil rallies; Erdogan slams U.S. over Kurdish aid; Facebook provides details on inflated viewer metrics; CBOE in talks to buy Bats.
The U.K. asset manager has been hit hard by the slump in emerging-markets stocks, but CEO Martin Gilbert is keeping faith with the firm’s people and investment process.
The Employees Retirement System of Texas and other investors are using the equity markets to trade baskets of bonds.
Stock markets in Asia and Europe rebound; more signs of deflation in Europe; Alibaba makes bid for video-streaming site.
It’s getting harder to find returns. But research shows that active stock picking can perform with a disciplined, clear investing philosophy.
Although the average investor will buy average hedge funds, careful investors can do better.
Equity markets have become unduly complicated and riddled with conflicts of interest, but institutional investors have the power to help change them.
Unemployment data in Europe sign of euro zone divergence; oil stockpiles in the U.S. forecast to show rise.
While emerging markets feel the impact of falling oil prices, investors are still hoping for a year-end rally in equities.
Critics of high frequency trading say it won’t take long to make markets right.