Dodd Frank

Skeptics of loans from asset management firms fear what will happen to the burgeoning market during the next credit crisis.
In a year of political surprises, a tax that is anathema to Wall Street could be gaining popular appeal.
From the largest to the smallest political contributors, hedge fund managers are split pretty evenly along party lines.
Yen falls on negative-rate expectations; Wall Street bonuses face threat; new emissions revelations; Baden-Württemberg’s Karl Haeling on central-bank policy.
Automation and regulation have begun to dramatically reduce the ranks of forex traders, particularly at the banks. One result: volatility.
Caucus victors offer more pragmatic views of finance; unemployment falls in the euro zone; China National nears Syngenta deal; BP earnings collapse; Google edges out Apple.
Batten down the hatches; it looks as if interest rate volatility is on the horizon.
The former Federal Reserve chairman thinks the U.S. government should have targeted individuals for their roles in the disaster.
Despite Fed Chair Yellen’s comments, futures markets doubt pace of tightening; Alcoa announces a split; separatist parties score victory in Catalonia.
Critics calling for a breakup of the largest U.S. banks need to be reminded of the economies of scale and efficiency that come from being big.