Goldman, Sachs & Co. enjoys the greatest increase in number of sector victories, while Morgan Stanley tops a roster for the first time in years.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch holds steady in second place; Wells Fargo Securities leaps into the top five for the first time.
A look at which sectors attracted the most interest, which analysts received the most votes and related highlights.
A balanced or barbelled portfolio approach will help bond investors weather this period of low returns.
Auto lending is a much smaller market than mortgages, but it mirrors many of their problems, particularly in subprime. Beware a recession.
Fears of a systemic crisis are overblown, analysts and fund managers say, but negative rates and weak earnings continue to plague the sector.
Given the consumer-focused makeup of the market, European high-yield is a rare bit of sunshine in global credit.
Divergence between the Fed and the ECB and Bank of Japan set up opportunities in deviating rates and forex.
Mutual funds and ETFs now hold a big share of risky credit assets. Will investors hold firm in a crisis or head for the exits?
Fast-growing Bain Capital unit buys JPMorgan’s billion-dollar fixed-income portfolio.