Climate Change

As Trump nominates climate skeptics to his cabinet, two separate billionaire-backed groups speak out in favor of climate solutions.
In a Donald Trump world, money managers must brace for global warming but can also invest in fighting it, a new report finds.
Ingram, former head of hedge funds at APG, is co-launching a new alternative-investment firm focused on sustainability.
Efforts to improve sustainability reporting by companies require taking an industry approach to regulatory disclosure.
From the largest to the smallest political contributors, hedge fund managers are split pretty evenly along party lines.
The handful of asset management firms that hold sizable holdings of fossil fuel companies have the power to make a stand against climate risk.
UBS and eight fellow banks are working with the U.N. and the German government to measure drought exposure in their lending portfolios.
German insurer Allianz and other players have developed a model that seeks to better reflect companies’ adaptation to emissions rules.
A hotter planet comes with a big price tag, warns the billionaire head of a new global task force on climate-related financial disclosure.
It’s time to stop supporting practices that fuel environmental destruction. The responsibility lies all along the investment chain.