The firm co-founded by O. Andreas Halvorsen has had three CIOs in seven years — and more changes are coming, starting with an $8 billion reduction in size.
The firm, headed by Tiger Cub O. Andreas Halvorsen, announced it is returning some capital in two funds as longtime employee and chief investment officer Daniel Sundheim is departing.
The San Francisco activist said preliminary tallies show that shareholders of Buffalo Wild Wings elected three of Marcato’s four nominees to the board.
Several descendants of Julian Robertson Jr.’s firm posted sharp gains after losing money last year, with many of the same stocks that hurt them in 2016 boosting returns this year.
The rental car company’s shares fell on a report that used car pricing is weakening.
Abbott Laboratories and Time Warner saw a surge of hedge fund interest in the final three months of 2016.
The Tiger Cub lays out to investors how he plans to boost future returns.