Trading Tech 40

Tradier eliminates the “heavy lifting” of introducing new investment products, shortening the cycle from years to months or weeks, according to CEO and co-founder Dan Raju, No. 40 on II’s Trading Technology 40.
High frequency trading veteran Manoj Narang (No. 26 on the Trading Technology 40) views technology as “a democratizing force in the markets.”
Amar Kuchinad, No. 37 on the Trading Technology 40, drew on trading and regulatory experience to launch Electronifie, a platform designed to disrupt the traditional corporate-bond market structure.
Since taking the helm at Convergex in 2013, Eric Noll (No. 21 on the 2016 Trading Technology 40) has been refining an agency brokerage model dedicated to best execution for global buy-side clientele.
Rob Park, No. 16 in the 2016 Trading Technology 40 ranking, oversees the systems of IEX Group as it aspires to disrupt the stock exchange business and reduce market complexity.
Despite concerns about a liquidity crisis brewing in fixed-income markets, BlackRock’s Richard Prager, No. 2 on II’s Trading Technology 40, believes it is “more of a plumbing problem.”
Markets in constant flux require robust infrastructure. Credit a special breed of agile, adaptable technology visionaries who can rise to any occasion.
#29 Manoj Narang, Ex–Chief Executive Officer, Thesys Technologies
#16 Bina Kalola, Head of Global Equities Strategic Direct Investments, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
#13 Brenda Hoffman, Group Head of Information Technology, TMX Group