European stocks reverse course; Brazil’s impeachment drama comes to a head; Disney down; Staples and Office Depot call off merger; Spain issues 50-year bonds.
Deutsche Bank posts record loss; Icahn raises Pep Boys bid; Spain’s People’s Party struggles to form government after rejecting Catalonian vote.
Since succeeding her late father last year, Ana Botín has put a firm stamp on Banco Santander. Now she needs to show that her organic-growth plan can deliver the goods.
Despite Fed Chair Yellen’s comments, futures markets doubt pace of tightening; Alcoa announces a split; separatist parties score victory in Catalonia.
Sunday’s anti-austerity referendum has raised the chances that Greece exits the euro; EU leaders have much to do to ensure other countries don’t follow suit.
From stocks to sovereign debt, investors disagree on which assets in nations such as Italy and Spain offer the most potential.
Market crises are reason for caution, but they don’t necessarily signal the spread of an all-out financial crisis. That’s the good news.
Welcome rise in services PMI data from Europe; BMW earnings beat expectations; oil prices rise on expectations for supply data to contract.
Euro zone CPI improves; Spanish GDP jumps; Bank of Japan stays the course; BNP Paribas beats analyst projections.
ECB mulls cutting off banks in Greece; DuPont and Verizon announce quarterly results, Spain issues negative-yield sovereign debt.