Mentor Graphics

Carl Icahn is embroiled in another battle. This time with Mentor Graphics. One day after they rejected Ichan’s $17 per share offer, Icahn fired off a letter to Mentor’s Board of Directors expressing his outrage.
Mentor Graphics has turned down Carl Icahn’s offer to buy the company at around $1.9 billion.
Activist investor, Carl Icahn, has placed a bid worth $1.86 billion for Mentor Graphics.
Carl Icahn, who is fighting on several fronts at the moment, has turned up the heat even higher on Mentor Graphics. The activist hedge fund manager believes shareholder value would be greatly enhanced if the company were put up for sale in an open and fair auction process.
Carl Icahn’s battle for Dynegy is beginning to founder. He has had to extend his offer for the energy giant because of a lack of investor interest and he is now being opposed in his bid by former ally Seneca Capital. He has also picked up competition in his bid for Mentor. Has Icahn lost his touch?