Amid a surprisingly strong economy, Morningstar is more bullish than consensus on falling inflation, GDP growth, and lower interest rates.
With interest rates globally either near or in the cellar, look for inflation to remain lodged in place and economic growth to continue at a grinding pace.
Low rates are a signal that all is not well with the global economy, making it likely the rally in stocks will end in tears.
When it comes to whether or not to hike, policymakers will ponder how much inflation is too much.
For clues as to how European, U.K. and U.S. government bond yields may perform, take a look at Japanese government bonds.
Revlon to acquire Elizabeth Arden; Oracle stock boosted by the cloud; CDB Leasing to raise $1 billion in initial public offering.
Whereas a lackluster May jobs report hangs over Fed policymakers, sluggish price growth remains the key factor in FOMC policy.
Fischer has differed with current U.S. Federal Reserve policy by calling for monetary tightening to keep inflation in check.
Now that the Fed is pumped and primed to begin hiking rates, it’s investors’ turn to play “wait and see.”
Chinese inflation data weaker than expected; Volkswagen downgraded by Fitch; IEA expects oil prices to remain below $80 for years to come.