Last year, investors paid less than half the fund fees that they paid in 2002.
We’re back! Without further ado, here are the big stories from the past month or so.
Active management is being challenged, says Blackstone Group’s Gideon Berger, and managers’ fees may not always be justified.
Institutional investors should take a more creative approach to sourcing deals.
Welcome to the weekend, everybody. Here’s some news for your reading enjoyment.
Break out your drink koozie and spray fan: it’s the weekend, y’all! As per usual, here’s some news for your reading enjoyment.
The private sector can’t address the world’s problems without militant fee and cost reform.
It’s the July 4th weekend here in the US of A. And that means that most of you will be busy with BBQs and fireworks. For those moments that you aren’t holding some grill tongs and a cold beverage, here’s some reading.