Donald Trump

The new president of the United States is leaving many feeling anxious. But even if markets take a wild ride, that’s not necessarily bad for investors.
On the day following President Trump’s victory, Obama friend John Rogers found himself contemplating the meaning of experience — and celebrating 30 years at the helm of his Ariel Fund.
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The firm’s founder is selling a majority stake to RON Transatlantic EG and HNA Capital U.S. as he gears up for his Trump administration role.
As Donald Trump’s pick for Treasury gets ready for his Senate close-up, Institutional Investor examines Mnuchin’s relationship with one of Hollywood’s most controversial characters.
Jay Clayton, a longtime Wall Street lawyer, is not a Trump loyalist but wants the job because he thinks regulation is stifling growth, says a person who knows him well.
Credit players disagree on how much their business will suffer if the president-elect loosens rules to encourage regional bank lending.
Few institutional investors were involved, but President-elect Trump’s confidant and son-in-law has family connections to the disgraced firm.
The value investor explains why he’s the latest hedge fund manager to turn from critic to cheerleader for the president-elect.
As Trump nominates climate skeptics to his cabinet, two separate billionaire-backed groups speak out in favor of climate solutions.