...Chief investment officer of an institution, that is. Not that the Toyota didn’t already give that away. By Leanna Orr & Amy Whyte.
Fitzpatrick, one of the most high-profile women in the hedge fund industry, is taking one of the most high-profile jobs in asset management.
Geir Oivind Nygard will oversee the bulk of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund’s assets.
A search is underway for a new leader of the $750 million university endowment.
Seven months after prior CIO’s surprise exit, Hilton says two directors will share top job.
The $4.5 billion Ivy League endowment needs a new investment chief.
Since becoming CIO of the Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System, the Hawaii native has bolstered allocations to nontraditional asset classes.
Many U.S. states are modeling their private sector retirement plans after Hank Kim’s Secure Choice Pension, which looks a lot more like a public pension than an IRA.
By overhauling governance and strategy, the CIO has revved up performance at the £6.5 billion fund. Next up: sharpening allocation.
Charles Skorina executive search firm unveils performance-for-pay index.