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When it comes to stocks and rate cuts, soft landings matter.
Investors’ optimism that lawmakers will clear the way for the market’s upward climb to continue is a false hope, argues BCA Research’s Matt Gertken.
Looking back at the birth of a now-blockbuster product provides valuable clues to what made it all possible.
This case is not about stakeholder capitalism, the mushy idea that companies should be managed for the unprioritized benefit of multiple constituencies, argues the CEO of The Shareholder Commons.
Subjective and arbitrary decisions do affect ESG rankings — but ongoing challenges may lead to more accurate assessments.
Institutional investors face a difficult choice: get their relationships with public companies working to generate real value or take their capital and businesses private so they can engage directly, argues FCLTGlobal.
Research shows that replication, rather than investments in single manager hedge funds, may make sense for most allocators, writes Andrew Beer.
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