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Nicole Musicco became head of America’s largest pension fund in February 2022.
Jim Williams has been the Getty Trust’s investment chief since 2002.
The company, backed by the biggest custody banks, has been processing shareholder votes in real-time in Europe, Australia and other markets.
The corporate performance gap between alternative investment managers and traditional managers didn’t widen this spring, according to Casey Quirk.
Wealth managers will continue to raise capital, but more will get it from pension funds and other institutions in the future, investment bankers say.
Finding it harder to monetize their holdings in a tough market, managers are turning to “perpetual capital” from insurers and retail investors.
“Diane has been an instrumental part of the success of II for nearly 40 years, and we look forward to working with her to make an even larger impact on the industry we serve,” says Rip Reeves, CEO.
As new accounting standards further strain insurance firms throughout Europe, Morningstar’s analysts say these two companies have the muscle to outperform.