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After a five-month search, Mercy has named Lisa Laird, who most recently served as the chief strategist at Investment Office Resources, to the top investment post.
Wall Street settles for less underwriting in return for lucrative advisory fees.
With bleak fundraising prospects in the U.S. and Europe, managers are tripping over themselves to reach sovereign wealth funds.
Over the coming decades, about a thousand billionaires will pass on an estimated $5.2 trillion and the inheritors have their own plans for those assets.
“It’s kind of like a broken record. Fee pressure is continuing on active managers.”
Older generations don’t think younger ones are ready to lead. The heirs have a different perspective, a survey shows.
Bob Elliott wants to offer ETFs that replicate the return streams of hedge funds and other alternatives to both pensions and individuals who can’t justify paying 2 and 20.