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“You get up every morning, you put on your armor and you come in and you do your job, and you try to do the best job ever,” says the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund executive, one of the few African American women CIOs at U.S. public pensions.
OCERS CIO Molly Murphy says competitors “come for the transaction, and they don’t stay for the relationship.”
Leaders of the alternative investment firm’s private equity group primed an investor day audience for an encore.
Essentia Analytics has found a link between a manager’s past skilled investment decisions — not performance — and higher relative returns in the future.
Richland and his team generated 8.5 percent annual returns over the past decade.
The VC-backed firm is attracting more money from the wealthiest families and now has more than $5 billion in assets.
“What I tend to see is that the investment business is on an island,” says AdventHealth CIO Rob Roy.
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