Latin America Research Team Celebrates 39 Newcomers

J.P. Morgan lays claim to the highest number of previously uncited analysts, with eight.


Among the 144 analysts whose names appear on Institutional Investor’s 2016 Latin America Research Team are 39 newcomers, including four who oversee sector-topping squads. Gustavo Cambauva helps Gordon Lee secure first place for BTG Pactual in Cement & Construction for a fifth straight year, while Vicente Falanga Neto joins Frank McGann in guiding the Bank of America Merrill Lynch troupe to first place in Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals for the first time since 2001. J.P. Morgan’s Joseph Giordano and Pedro Leduc join Andrea Teixeira in directing the squads that capture first place for the first time in Health Care and advance from second place in Food & Beverages, respectively.

These fresh faces hail from 11 firms. J.P. Morgan is home to the highest number of newcomers, with eight. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BTG Pactual and Itaú BBA claim five apiece. Here is the full list of crew captains celebrating their first appearances on the Latin America Research Team.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Vicente Falanga Neto, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals (with Frank McGann), first place

Ernesto Gabilondo Márquez, Financials/Banks (with Mario Pierry), runner-up

Daniel Gasparete, Cement & Construction (with Carlos Peyrelongue), runner-up, and Real Estate (also with Carlos Peyrelongue), runner-up

Karel Luketic, Metals & Mining (with Felipe Hirai), runner-up, and Pulp & Paper (also with Felipe Hirai), runner-up

Sebastian Rondeau, Argentina (with Frank McGann), second place


Sarah Leshner, Corporate Debt (with Aziz Sunderji), runner-up

Aziz Sunderji, Corporate Debt (with Sarah Leshner), runner-up

Sebastian Vargas, Sovereign Debt, runner-up

BTG Pactual

Andres Borenstein, Argentina (with Alonso Aramburú), third place

Gustavo Cambauva, Cement & Construction (with Gordon Lee), first place, and Real Estate (also with Gordon Lee), third place

Matheus Chermauth, Corporate Debt (with Thomas Tenyi), runner-up

Claudio Ferraz, Mexico (with Gordon Lee), runner-up

Thomas Tenyi, Corporate Debt (with Matheus Chermauth), runner-up


Fernando Jorge Diaz, Argentina (with Guillermo Mondino), runner-up

Donato Guarino, Sovereign Debt, third place

Pedro Medeiros, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, runner-up

Credicorp Capital

Daniel Velandia, North Andean Countries (with Heinrich Lessau), runner-up

Credit Suisse

Andre Natal, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals (with Vanessa Quiroga), runner-up


Filipe Gouveia, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals (with Luiz Carvalho), third place

Nicholas Smithie, Equity Strategy (with André Carvalho), runner-up

Itaú BBA

Antonio Barreto, Agribusiness, third place

Gustavo Fingeret, Electric & Other Utilities (with Pedro Manfredini), third place

Pedro Manfredini, Electric & Other Utilities (with Gustavo Fingeret), third place

Diego Mendes, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, runner-up

Renato Salomone, Transportation (with Renata Faber), third place

J.P. Morgan

Carlos Carranza, Local Markets Strategy (with Diego Pereira), runner-up

Natalia Corfield, Corporate Debt, third place

Joseph Giordano, Health Care (with Andrea Teixeira), first place

Jonathan Goulden, Sovereign Debt (with Trang Nguyen), second place

Pedro Leduc, Food & Beverages (with Andrea Teixeira), first place

Trang Nguyen, Sovereign Debt (with Jonathan Goulden), second place

Diego Pereira, Argentina (with Diego Celedón), runner-up, and Local Markets Strategy (with Carlos Carranza), runner-up

Franco Uccelli, Chile (with Diego Celedón), third place


Pedro Balcão Reis, Transportation (with Bruno Amorim), second place

Aaron Holsberg, Corporate Debt, runner-up

Nicolas Schild, Chile, runner-up


Rogério Araújo, Capital Goods, runner-up, and Transportation, runner-up

Rafael de la Fuente, Economics, runner-up, and Mexico (with Alan Alanis), runner-up

Frederic de Mariz, Financials/Nonbanks, third place

The 2016 Latin America Research Team is based on input from more than 900 representatives of some 450 institutions that manage an estimated $337 billion in Latin American equities and approximately $304 billion in Latin American debt.

Complete survey results will be released tomorrow.