Venture Capital

From Drones to CyberSecurity, Israel’s high-tech mecca is a hotbed of technology start-ups that’s drawing billions in investment from foreign companies and venture capital firms.
With investor Jeff Stibel, the retired NBA star has launched a $100 million fund to back companies combining technology, media and data.
Like many partnerships, venture funds have a problem transferring power to the next generation. The co-founders of Polaris Partners think they have an answer.
The marketplace’s new, low-cost, tech-driven MIX index funds aim to simplify investing in consumer goods start-ups.
The VC firm blends money with hand-holding, a potent combination for tech start-ups. But is it scalable?
The co-founder of U.S. asset manager GMO plans to use venture investments to help fund his foundation’s battle against climate change.
The Bay Area’s venture capital and tech start-up communities have the ability to effect change. Yet this power is often misapplied.
Venture capital firms’ emphasis on late-stage companies and outsize valuations has left early-stage financing largely unscathed.
For investors, the consumer goods business co-founded by the Hollywood actor highlights the risks of billing products as natural and safe.
The venture capital arm of aerospace giant Airbus made its first investment in Phoenix-based start-up Local Motors.