Ted Cruz

From the largest to the smallest political contributors, hedge fund managers are split pretty evenly along party lines.
Dow rises for ninth consecutive day; ECB makes policy announcement; Kuroda rejects helicopter money; Indonesia holds rates; Komatsu buys Joy Global.
Yen hits 18-month high, gold and Treasuries rise; Halliburton scraps Baker Hughes merger; Puerto Rico’s Development Bank to default; Trump leads in Indiana.
Fed ready to stand pat; Comcast bids for DreamWorks; Schwab pulls load funds; Frost’s Stringfellow visits Congress.
With an impressive career that spans banking and politics, the wife of the U.S. presidential hopeful is a fundraising force in his campaign.
Treasury rules threaten M&A boom as Pfizer deal craters; Labor Department slaps retail advisers with fiduciary rule; German bond yields remain negative; Cruz, Sanders take Wisconsin.
Profits plunge at PetroChina due to low oil prices; primaries in the presidential race fail to consolidate frontrunners’ leads.
Super Tuesday U.S. presidential primary elections; Brazil’s central bank considers policy in the face of disinflation.