Solar Power

Improvements in wind and solar technology are transforming the clean energy sector from a niche business into a mature industry.
Some U.S. commercial real estate firms are realizing modest financial gains from rooftop solar power installations at their properties.
Industrywide moves to institute standards are helping investors get a clearer idea of the creditworthiness of packaged solar debt.
Although biofuels look especially vulnerable, solar power and some other subsectors should hold up well amid falling crude prices.
Republicans are throwing their weight behind solar and other clean power sources, in part to challenge the big utilities.
The California venture could be a green technology incubator and a gateway for Chinese M&A, proponents say.
Although the cost of wind, solar and other renewable power is dropping, uncertainty about government policy could stall new projects.
The recent $54 million bond offering by U.S. power provider SolarCity could kick off a wave of solar securitizations.
The Hong Kong investment firm is helping solve China’s environmental problems by developing projects ranging from waste treatment plants to solar power stations.
Hilti, a Liechtenstein-based industrial technology company, has acquired Unirac, an Albuquerque, N.M.-based solar mounting solutions company.