Reserve Bank Of India

Patel, who recently succeeded Raghuram Rajan as RBI governor, will make battling inflation a priority for fast-growing India.
U.S. holds first presidential debate between major-party candidates; post–Brexit sentiment data for EU expected to remain positive; BlackBerry announces results.
Eurostat and China’s National Bureau of Statistics release key consumer data; Muslims convene in Mecca; Patel takes the helm at the Reserve Bank of India.
Patel to succeed Rajan at Reserve Bank of India; Pfizer circles Medivation; Jefferies’ Darby on why he’s overweight emerging markets.
Market stays tuned to FOMC announcement; Disney’s Finding Dory swims into theaters; Stonehenge welcomes the dawn of summer.
Opponents are blocking Modi’s proposed tax reform and other measures, but the economy’s 7 percent-plus growth rate remains attractive.
Politics constrains the macroeconomy and capital markets by weighing on policy choices, in turn affecting a country’s ability to manage shocks.
Caucus victors offer more pragmatic views of finance; unemployment falls in the euro zone; China National nears Syngenta deal; BP earnings collapse; Google edges out Apple.
A director of the Reserve Bank of India’s central board, Mor has led recent efforts to include more people in the financial system.
Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Chartered announce cost-cutting measures; Federal Reserve releases Beige Book today.