Pension Plans

Limited partners that excel at choosing funds reap higher returns, a recent Ohio State University study of some 12,000 investments found.
A court ruling that leaves Sun Capital Partners liable for pension payments at a portfolio company could shake the private equity industry.
In this low-yield investment environment, pension plan managers need to pull out all the stops to meet future liabilities.
A growing variety of platforms, like Skip Schweiss’s TD Ameritrade retirement plan platform, help independent wealth managers capitalize on their advantages in serving smaller plan sponsors.
Amid warnings that target-date funds may not suit all 401(k) plan participants, the industry is introducing more-personalized offerings.
Warning that the U.S. risks disaster if it doesn’t address the problems with its retirement system, Ronald O’Hanley opposes limits on tax incentives for contributing to pension plans.
Traditional pension plans are being preserved in strong, competitive industries like utilities, energy and big pharma.
The smaller and newer the hedge fund the bigger the returns, according to a new study.
Pension agency head Joshua Gotbaum’s latest effort on behalf of defined benefit pension plans forced American Airlines to keep its promises despite bankruptcy.
Corporate pension plans employing LDI strategies that rely heavily on the purchase of long-duration corporate bonds are almost certain not to meet their future liabilities. They would be better off investing in a portfolio of Treasury bonds, agency debt, corporate bonds and mortgage securities.