Investors surveyed by NEPC said the economy looks better than last year — but overall return expectations remain modest.
As mergers sweep the U.S. health care industry, retirement sponsors grappling with integration are looking to the corporate world for a way forward.
The research firm’s sustainability scores let retail investors scrutinize mutual funds and ETFs that claim to be socially responsible.
The prospect of higher Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. premiums has plan sponsors weighing options like annuities and lump-sum payouts.
Partners Group and other firms face challenges as they seek to tailor their offerings to retail investors.
Although pension fiduciaries fear the financial risks of exiting oil, gas and coal, keeping those assets could cost them in the long run.
Eurasia Group’s Political Risk Country Portfolio tool sheds light on how political events in developing economies might affect stock returns.
The $8.9 billion Orange County Employees Retirement System has selected New York–headquartered independent hedge fund research and advisory firm Aksia as hedge fund consultant.
Madison-based State of Wisconsin Investment Board has recruited investment advisers Wilshire Associates and Cutter Associates and re-appointed Strategic Investment Solutions and NEPC.
The South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission, Columbia, will be floating an RFP seeking an investment consultant for the $26.2 billion pension fund.