A specialist in event-driven and credit strategies, Praczuk is a key player in MetLife’s hedge fund business.
Amid recent doom and gloom over hedge funds, advisers need to be prepared with a rationale for allocating to high-fee asset strategies.
Oil markets react to record supplies despite production caps; S&P warns on possible China downgrade; MetLife escapes Sifi designation and GE makes a similar request.
CEO Peter Hancock’s new strategic plan falls short of meeting dissident shareholders’ demands to break up the insurance giant into three companies.
More grim data from China sparks bulls-and-bears debate; MetLife expands stock buyback program; European PMI data registers expansion but fall short of expectations.
Under Goulart the U.S. insurer has taken on more risk to meet its liabilities in today’s low-yield world.
MetLife’s director of alternative investments was a founding member of the insurer’s hedge fund team.
Welcome rise in services PMI data from Europe; BMW earnings beat expectations; oil prices rise on expectations for supply data to contract.
The U.S. government’s decision to label the insurance giant too big to fail could cost it and other nonbank financial institutions.
Corporations are capitalizing on low borrowing rates and using the cash generated from bond issues to shore up their balance sheets.