Lehman Brothers Holdings

The former Federal Reserve chairman thinks the U.S. government should have targeted individuals for their roles in the disaster.
OPEC predicts U.S. oil production will decline this year; Bernanke goes hedgie; New York State announces settlement with Lehman.
Contrarian, Paulson, Stone Lion and others consider what will happen once some of the biggest bankruptcy deals in history wind down.
Five years after the investment bank declared bankruptcy, the court-supervised restructuring process has been a remarkable success.
Lehman Brothers Holdings, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008, is looking to offload its $1.5 billion equity stake in the New York–based Neuberger Berman Group.
Goldman Sachs & Co. has acquired a majority stake in a 10-building Virginia real estate portfolio.
“Is this more serious than Lehman? Yes. Is this more systemic than Lehman? Yes.” So says Larry McDonald, who was vice president of distressed debt and convertible securities at Lehman Brothers Holdings during the collapse of the firm.
Hong Kong has started consultations for regulating its over-the-counter derivatives market in step with global markets.
CBRE Hotels has commenced the marketing for sale of French hotel Le Meridien Etoile Hotel.
The Blackstone Group has appointed Denis Fabre as a senior managing director.