The two hedge fund investors have announced plans to get hitched, managing more than $30 billion in assets combined.
Money managers based near Trump Tower must now run a gauntlet of protesters, security blockades, press pits, and endless traffic on the daily commute.
For the near term, at least, prevailing market conditions aren’t likely to veer strongly from their current trajectory. In such conditions, go idiosyncratic.
President Mauricio Macri has his work cut out for him, but the reforms instituted so far show that the administration is on the right track.
BP earnings slide, KKR beats consensus, Apple is on deck; Sanders endorses Clinton; Anheuser-Busch raises SABMiller bid; Fed appears ready to move against Goldman.
The U.S. dollar and private credit are two of several opportunities in the present market, though choppy waves remain.
Dollar, pound rise on anticipation of rate hike and Bexit defeat; EU discusses Greece bailout; Moody’s downgrades Deutsche.
Highlights from our online series of columns by leading investment managers.
The world’s second-largest economy is on track to see a slight uptick in GDP, but for the long term, it needs to get its debt house in order.
S&P 500 earnings announcements exceed forecasts; Goldman beats estimates; Japan’s Seven-Eleven moves to pacify activists.