Kenneth Griffin

The firm’s Wellington fund rebounded sharply from a sizable loss in the first quarter.
The firm’s multistrategy funds are faring relatively well, after an earlier rough patch, in an otherwise mediocre year for the strategy.
From the largest to the smallest political contributors, hedge fund managers are split pretty evenly along party lines.
The top 25 hedge fund managers on this year’s Alpha Rich List made a combined $12.94 billion in 2015. Editor Michael Peltz discusses the ranking on CNBC’s Squawk Box.
Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin tops the list for the second straight year, though he shares the No. 1 spot with Renaissance Technologies founder James Simons in our annual ranking of the world’s highest-earning hedge fund managers.
Million-dollar campaign contributions may be giving hedge funds a bad name, but the industry continues to mature and grow.
Hedge funders are digging deep to support their favorite politicians, a new report from Politico shows.
Count the Chicago firm among few hedge fund firms boasting strong performance last year.