Jp Morgan

In the flight from volatility, look to financial sector stocks as a longer-term value play.
PM May taps Boris Johnson as foreign secretary; Blackrock profits fall while JPMorgan beats estimates; EU regulators hit Alphabet with new allegations; Fed on Brexit risks.
Expect macroeconomic fluctuations in response to the outcome of the referendum on Thursday to have microeconomic knock-on effects.
Yen appreciates against the dollar; five U.S. states vote in primaries today; China explores taxing currency trades.
Christian Kern, who leads the J.P. Morgan team that outpaces all others when it comes to coverage of the euro zone’s second-largest economy, explains why investors should underweight U.K. equities.
According to J.P. Morgan research, investors who are willing to take on risk are on track to see better returns in the coming year.
Major Chinese cement company becomes latest to default on renminbi-denominated bonds; Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller make merger official; employment data for U.K. improves.
Macro data points will provide clues to central bankers’ next moves; Wall Street earnings under the microscope; World Food Day spotlights global food security.
Divergence between the Fed and the ECB and Bank of Japan set up opportunities in deviating rates and forex.
Japanese consumer spending shows signs of life though J.P. Morgan dims growth outlook; rare-earth mining company Molycorp Inc. files for Chapter 11.