Global Market Thought Leaders

EM assets have lagged as an investment, and more challenges lie ahead. Look for targeted plays, and lean toward Asia.
The greenback’s gains are likely to be modest, and many EM economies have reduced their vulnerability with structural reforms.
AllianceBernstein on the People’s Bank of China, KKR on the global recovery and more.
BlackRock, KKR, PIMCO and other Global Market Thought Leaders share insights and analysis on the housing market, commodities and more.
After the sharp summer sell-off, emerging-markets assets have strengthened. Not everything is cheap, but there are bargains.
It took time, pain and deleveraging, but reviving real estate provides a healthy mix of situations on which to capitalize.
There are still some well-managed companies loaded with cash that can please investors by aggressively using their balance sheets.
With the commodities supercycle over, prices seem sure to fall. But that’s no reason not to consider the upside of iron ore and oil.
For equities to be an effective bulwark against inflation, managers look for companies with pricing power and dividend growth.
A zettabyte is a one followed by 21 zeroes. That’s the scale on which investors now have to think when investing during this ‘big data’ revolution.