Economic Growth

Doubts are growing, not only about the odds of a Fed hike but also about the efficacy of central bank policy.
Strong economic growth in the U.S. will mean a subsequent bump in consumer lending, says the veteran analyst. And the Fed’s not a threat.
Estimates of potential growth have been reduced across the board, says Alberto Ades of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Ades and other industry experts share their outlooks.
With growth slowing to near-recession levels across much of the region, including Brazil, governments need to make structural reforms to revive growth and investment.
The Federal Reserve is expected to move in September or December with growth at around 3 percent. A muted response?
Sluggish growth, U.S. rate hikes and Greek solvency top the agenda at the IMF–World Bank meetings.
The days of easy index-driven returns are over, but there is still plenty of opportunity to find alpha by focusing on strong companies.
Declaring the end of normal, the U.S. economist in his new book makes a case for creating employment by boosting social spending.
China is taking measures to ensure the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre passes without incident, while attempting to increase the role of markets in its economy.
As companies struggle to repay their debts, authorities are left wondering: Is a bubble about to burst?