The British bank faces a lawsuit after underwriting a convertible bond deal that left investors with worthless stock.
Trump names new heads to campaign; U.K. employment data surprisingly robust; oil falls on high inventories.
With firms having gotten their post–global financial crisis ducks in a row, managers feel more confident about going back to over-the-counter products.
The JPMorgan Chase veteran heads start-up Digital Asset Holdings, which aims to make trade settlement faster, cheaper and safer.
The CFTC commissioner, who previously worked at an interdealer brokerage firm, wants the agency to allow more trading flexibility.
In a bid to stay competitive, the world’s 15th-largest stock exchange, led by Kyungsoo Choi, is buying into its counterparts in Central Asia and elsewhere.
In response to a rising U.S. dollar, more corporates are looking at using options rather than forwards to manage forex exposure.
Bitcoin’s immaturity relative to conventional financial markets may hinder the uptake of dedicated derivatives-trading platforms.
New derivatives products based on pension liabilities may take time to win a following.