Carbon Emissions

The Dan River coal ash spill was a call to action for Duke Energy, says CEO Lynn Good. It forced the company to focus on the larger issues of operational excellence and environmental safety.
U.S. and China announce environmental accord; Carney warns of sluggish U.K. inflation; Cisco and JCP announce earnings.
Featured in a recent Showtime series, the Environmental Defense Fund’s EDF Climate Corps program is helping companies reduce energy costs and save millions of dollars.
Energy producers, notably coal, are likely to feel the pinch of Obama’s plan to cut carbon emissions, say asset managers. Just not right away.
The Hong Kong investment firm is helping solve China’s environmental problems by developing projects ranging from waste treatment plants to solar power stations.
Although Australia’s new prime minister will repeal the national carbon pricing mechanism, the country isn’t abandoning international efforts to reduce emissions.
A new report by CERES helps investors identify which companies are truly revealing their polluting activities. Weak climate disclosure often hides risks as well as opportunities in investment portfolios.