Bernie Sanders

In a year of political surprises, a tax that is anathema to Wall Street could be gaining popular appeal.
BP earnings slide, KKR beats consensus, Apple is on deck; Sanders endorses Clinton; Anheuser-Busch raises SABMiller bid; Fed appears ready to move against Goldman.
Finance is not a detriment to U.S. society but the backbone of the country’s innovation. Technology can help harness the power of knowledge workers.
Fed ready to stand pat; Comcast bids for DreamWorks; Schwab pulls load funds; Frost’s Stringfellow visits Congress.
Treasury rules threaten M&A boom as Pfizer deal craters; Labor Department slaps retail advisers with fiduciary rule; German bond yields remain negative; Cruz, Sanders take Wisconsin.
Profits plunge at PetroChina due to low oil prices; primaries in the presidential race fail to consolidate frontrunners’ leads.
Crude futures rise for third day; Trump wins big while Sanders scores Michigan upset; Deutsche and UBS lose U.K. tax case; pharma braces to fight Medicare proposal.
A former hedge fund executive, Ryan believes the Democratic presidential hopeful would level the playing field for smaller businesses.