Despite a recent slump, fundamentals seem to be pointing toward a brighter outlook. The risk: The easy money has been made.
President Mauricio Macri has his work cut out for him, but the reforms instituted so far show that the administration is on the right track.
As the country gears up to host the Olympics, there are signs that it is on track to break its recent streak of losing headlines.
There are at least two reasons why emerging-markets debt is looking up, though investors should still be a bit cautious.
U.S. PCE and March employment data on deck; South Korea releases industrial output data; thousands flock to Bali for yoga.
The Macri government will need to borrow up to $43 billion to pay off holdouts and finance its deficit, posing a major test of investor appetite.
The key to investing in emerging markets today is to identify spots of strength and to be among the first to discover business and demographic trends.
The president has lifted exchange controls and adopted a growth agenda, but he needs to reach a debt deal and contain deficit to sustain progress.
Argentina’s new administration is winning over some investors with a more-generous $6.5 billion offer but remains deadlocked with key hedge funds.