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Why We United Institutional Investor and Alpha

When the publication that would become Alpha was founded, it made sense to split out coverage of alternative and long-only asset management. Not anymore.

As of today, Institutional Investor and Alpha – the two primary journalistic brands of Institutional Investor LLC, our parent company – have been united, simply, as Institutional Investor.

Confused? Let me explain.

Institutional Investor – the magazine, denoted by italics – was founded in 1967. Around it quickly grew a number of businesses: the most significant would become (and remain) research and in-person events, but other publications – including Alpha, focused on hedge funds – would crop up too.

When Alpha was founded nearly 20 years ago, its separation from Institutional Investor made sense. Although well-known to wealthy individuals, family offices, and a select group of endowments and foundations, the world of hedge funds was opaque, exciting, and new. To cover it editorially, it made sense to separate it out from the very institutionalized Institutional Investor. Think of it as a journalistic skunkworks.

That logic no longer holds. 

Alternative managers, including hedge funds, have become a mainstay of almost all institutional portfolios. (Many of these alternative managers, in fact, have broadened their offerings so substantially that they are almost indiscernible from more old-school firms.)

Asset allocators – the bedrock of the asset management industrial complex – increasingly view their managers as solutions providers and partners, regardless of whether they carry the label of ‘alternative.’

And readers, polled this spring, told us the journalism they valued was not just about alternative- or traditional-focused investing and investors. Instead, they told us, they want high-quality coverage and research on the institutional asset management industry as a whole.

These factors, combined with Institutional Investor going all-digital in April, made our decision easy. It was, and is, time to unify our two media properties into one, singularly powerful and informative publishing brand: Institutional Investor.

In concrete terms, this means that all the content you read on Alpha will be available on The best of that – including the annual Rich List, released Wednesday, May 30 – will sit behind our Premium paywall, just as it did on Alpha. If you were a subscriber there, you’re a subscriber here – and if you’re not, you can easily become one here.

And yet this is just a step in our larger plan to be an essential part of the institutional investing community that we cover and serve. 

As mentioned, Institutional Investor LLC has many business lines and products under its overarching brand. Their unifying characteristic, however, is that each is a hub where the buyers and sellers of institutional financial services learn, benchmark, convene, or transact. 

Over the next few months, will become the place where you can accomplish all those things. 

Want to read about which hedge fund managers made over $1 billion last year? You’ll read it here.

Want to access data on asset manager research wallet size? You’ll do so here.

Want to learn the details about an upcoming event anywhere in the world? You’ll find it here.

And want to actually allocate assets to a hard-to-access niche manager? You’ll execute here.

It’s an exciting time for us at Institutional Investor. We’re glad you’re experiencing it with us. See you soon.