Top Opinion of the Year : 2017

In case you missed it, here’s Institutional Investor’s top column of 2017 and the rest of the year’s best...

The first issue of Institutional Investor (Photo Credit: II)

The first issue of Institutional Investor

(Photo Credit: II)

#1 A Crime Foretold
In 1967, Arch Catapano was an analyst for Merrill Lynch, touted in advertisements as a rock star without equal. But as Institutional Investor columnist Angelo Calvello discovered, a darker truth about Catapano would emerge in years ahead.

#2 Jim Grant’s Botched Bridgewater Takedown
The anatomy of publishing disaster, investment-style.

#3 Asset Managers, Stop Blaming Others for Your Sloth
In 2016 the BlackRock ASF Sterling Currency Hedging Fund lost over 43 percent and was rated by Morningstar as the worst-performing actively managed fund. BlackRock deserves some credit: At least it had the fortitude to give an inventive explanation for its underperformance.

#4 The CIAs Unexploded Cyberbomb
After WikiLeaks published techniques used by the CIA for breaking into smartphones, the biggest leak in the spy agency’s history faded away.

#5 The Key to Saving is Gambling. Seriously.
Why do we seem to gamble our most precious — and often our last — dollars for a small chance to win big?