2015 All-America Research Team: Pharmaceuticals/Major, No. 1: Mark Schoenebaum

In first place for a third year running is Evercore ISI head of health care research Mark Schoenebaum.


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Mark Schoenebaum
Evercore ISI
First-Place Appearances: 3

Total Appearances: 4

Analyst Debut: 2012

In first place for a third year running is Evercore ISI head of health care research Mark Schoenebaum, who also extends his dominance of the biotechnology space, claiming the top positions on the Large-Cap and Mid- & Small-Cap rosters that replace the previous broad Biotechnology category. Since his 2005 debut the analyst has amassed a combined 15 No. 1 appearances. Among the ten other currently top-ranked All-America Research Team Hall of Famers, only Schoenebaum’s colleague David Raso boasts as many as 15 sector-leading appearances; and only George Staphos of Bank of America Merrill Lynch surpasses them both, having earned first place 16 times. “Mark has a great deal of industry experience, an enormous network and is brutally self-honest and funny,” one client comments. “I appreciate Mark and his team’s ability to dig into the weeds of product development, as well as his clear strategic thinking.” Schoenebaum covers five major U.S. pharmaceuticals names and notes that sector performance this year has been driven “mostly on optimism for the various new drugs in company pipelines.” His favorite names in this space, however, are companies whose research and development pipelines are underappreciated, he says: North Chicago, Illinois’ AbbVie and New York–based Pfizer. “In the case of Pfizer,” the analyst adds, “I think management will continue to acquire undervalued assets and companies.” Schoenebaum, 42, is forecasting that both stocks will return at least 10 percent by early 2016.