Viking Global Investors

The firm’s long-short fund posted a loss last year, as did many Tiger funds in 2016, but long-only fund launched in 2016 did much better.
Most of the most widely held stocks among Tiger Cubs, Seeds and Grandcub are in negative territory since election day.
The Tiger Cub mostly increased its long book over the past two quarters, especially in Europe.
The Tiger-affiliated firms both enjoyed strong performance in August, but the one-month gains are not nearly enough to stanch the bleeding this year.
A letter sent to investors and obtained by Alpha offers a rare view into the Tiger Cub’s process for dealing with performance problems.
Paul Enright, who joined the Tiger-affiliated firm in 2004, was also a member of the firm’s management committee.
The troubled drugmaker takes another plunge as it reduces guidance. Here’s a quick survey of the firms that are taking a bath and those that look like geniuses.