Several descendants of Julian Robertson Jr.’s firm posted sharp gains after losing money last year, with many of the same stocks that hurt them in 2016 boosting returns this year.
The Tiger Grandcub’s latest losing streak once again coincided with his dabbling in professional sports in Seattle.
The hedge fund firm, headed by Jeff Ubben, did not suffer the same fate as other major shareholders of the ailing pharmaceutical concern.
Firms that traditionally have pumped big bucks into pre-IPO companies are finding little to invest in this year.
A handful of hedge fund firms with investments in pre-IPO companies have not reported markedly different valuations in those holdings since the market selloff, an analysis shows. But with some firms, such as Tiger Global, portfolio performance figures may not tell the whole story.
The firm will accept new money for the first time since 2012 starting at the beginning of next year; current investors will get first dibs.