It’s important for investors to know where the risk lies in their portfolio, says Spider Management CIO Rob Blandford, and good operational platforms are key.
Eli Combs of hedge fund firm Meehan Combs stresses the importance of appropriate governance and making hedge funds more favorable to institutions.
Today’s market pressures underscore the need for continued economic reform in emerging-markets countries.
New research by Washington University in St. Louis finance professor finds that transparency can raise a company’s cost of capital in some cases.
Two new studies of fiscal discipline and transparency have found that state government in the U.S. is actually working. But what does that mean for muni bonds?
The call for greater hedge fund transparency has grown louder since the recent crash. Investors should be asking more questions about the people who sits on offshore funds’ boards.
Hedge fund administrators have seen their business come roaring back as hedge fund investors insist on third-party oversight. Once an invisible aide, the administrator is now a front-and-center participant in the investment process.
Regulators work to reform the system by creating cross-border harmonization and enhanced transparency.
While Wall Street desperately tries to prevent the government from lifting the veil from its incredibly profitable derivatives business, hedge funds are slowly discovering the virtues of transparency.
Hedge fund investors should insist upon greater transparency from managers. Transparency will also lead to greater investment conviction and larger allocations to superior, skill-based managers.