Social Media

In a volatile quarter, the winners were industries like telecoms and utilities with stocks backed by stable, predictable businesses.
In the wake of the robo-advisers, newer fintech players target the high-net-worth market with specialized services.
Chinese and U.K. manufacturing data disappoint; Aramco announces major overhaul; LinkedIn shares sell off after guidance lowered.
In an era when a tweet can send a stock price racing, human judgment and nuance are all the more important in putting together an equity portfolio.
A routine post on Twitter sparks a flurry of comments over the sustainability of pensions for public sector employees.
The world’s largest social network has a message for investors disappointed with its most recent earnings call: video ads.
Concerns over compliance or comfort with old habits might keep asset managers off social media. But what trends online often trends on the markets.
A recent ranking by research firm Dalbar reveals how Ameriprise, John Hancock, New York Life and Prudential have created winning social media campaigns.
The SEC’s latest communiqué lays down clear rules on how registered investment advisers can appropriate user testimonials from third-party sites.
Cognizant’s recent customer-focused investments in social media, mobile, analytics and cloud computing have made it one of America’s Most Honored Companies. CFO Karen McLoughlin sheds light on the company’s evolution into an $8.8 billion technology powerhouse.