Shinzo Abe

Dan Loeb’s Third Point leads a new wave of activist hedge funds taking advantage of the Shinzo Abe reforms.
Aussie central bank announces record low rate; Commerzbank abandons full-year guidance; Honda beats earnings.
Rumors spark selloff for Chinese stocks as yen sinks on stimulus chatter; Statoil announces more cutbacks; tech buoyed by Apple earnings and chip merger.
German business sentiment tested post-Brexit; Bank of Japan to announce monetary policy; Chicago hosts Lollapalooza.
IMF warns over risks in Italian banks; the yen continues to slide as traders bet on more Abe stimulus.
Factoring in the risks of political uncertainty; Phillips Lighting debuts; Valeant enterained buyout offer; China train builder sells equity.
Recent structural reforms are helping to steer Japanese companies into a new era of growth and development.
Tory MP charges central banker with playing politics; Japanese GDP data confirm contraction; China trade data disappoints.
Some doubt that Nobuteru Ishihara, son of a famed right-wing politician, possesses the skills to help steer his country to recovery.
Markets pop on the central bank’s dovish talk; Abe loses a key ally as Amari resigns; UK GDP shows signs of improvement; Barings’ Matthew Whitbread on the FOMC.