Ray Dalio

The firm’s two main funds moved back into the black; meanwhile the firm is undergoing a major shake-up to its management team.
In their legendary “Daily Observations”, Dalio and co-CIO Bob Prince write of fears over “nationalism, protectionism and militarism” under President Donald Trump.
The world’s largest hedge fund firm earned roughly $2 billion in management fees despite low returns from its Pure Alpha funds.
In a post on the social media platform, Dalio accused the Wall Street Journal of circulating “fake and distorted” news.
Here’s a look at the columns that received the most traffic this past year.
The world’s largest hedge fund firm has become more optimistic since the election.
Ray Dalio once again sounds the alarm about the economy and the markets.
The FBI director’s letter to Congress echoes his time at Bridgewater, insiders say, and the principles Ray Dalio preaches.
From billionaire Carl Icahn to a struggling casino worker, attendees of the recent conference agreed that the economy needs help.
At today’s Delivering Alpha conference, CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin poses the following question to Dalio and Geithner: Where is the economy and what is a realistic U.S. growth rate?