Norges Bank Investment Management

Geir Oivind Nygard will oversee the bulk of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund’s assets.
Here’s what I believe about investment beliefs: They matter a great deal today and will matter even more tomorrow. So it’s with this in mind that I direct you to some internal research by NBIM on what it believes about the world...
The NBIM’s 2011 annual report shows a fund that’s more thoughtful about, and focused on, becoming a truly ‘long-term investor’. And that’s cool.
Back in November, Norway’s SWF hosted an ‘Investment Strategy Summit’ with a group of finance luminaries to ponder and opine on the future of long-term investing. One of the big themes was liquidity...
A joint venture between Norges Bank Investment Management, which manages the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, and AXA Real Estate Investment Managers, a unit of French insurer AXA Group, is taking over three prime offices in Paris.
Martin Skancke has stepped down as head of the department responsible for the Government Pension Fund Global.
Norges Bank Investment Management and the Crown Estate have acquired two properties on Regent Street in London.
Norges Bank Investment Management, the arm of the Norwegian central bank responsible for managing the $560 billion government pension fund, is out to make the companies in its portfolio more water-conscious.
The Government Pension Fund Global of Norway has raised its stake in 16 consumption-driven Indian firms.
Norway’s $570 billion sovereign wealth fund is expecting long-term benefits from European investments, said Yngve Slyngstad.