Mary Schapiro

A hotter planet comes with a big price tag, warns the billionaire head of a new global task force on climate-related financial disclosure.
It’s time for corporations to get on board with a sustainability-focused rubric for financial reporting.
GMO’s Jeremy Grantham has been warning about rising temperatures and resource scarcity for the better part of a decade. Investors can no longer ignore the risk — or the opportunities — that climate change creates for the companies in their portfolios.
An editor’s journey into the world of high-speed trading and proprietary algorithms that make or break markets.
The SEC’s plan to end fixed money-fund asset values looks like a dead letter just five months after its chairman called them “brittle.” Will bank regulators let it die?
Mary Schapiro, chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, testified before Congress that she would use USD74 million of a requested SEC budget of $1.4 billion to hire derivatives specialists, reports Bloomberg.
The Securities and Exchange Commission will start hiring derivatives specialists and make investments in computer technology, said SEC Chairwoman, Mary Schapiro.
Gary Gensler, chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is using a heavy hand in his approach to writing derivatives regulations, according to derivatives players, and it’s making them nervous, reports Reuters.
SEC’s Mary Schapiro carves out the single-stock circuit breaker response. “It’s an orderly, organized way to deal with this. We will add additional stocks after the pilot,” says Schapiro.