Managed Accounts

It took ten years for Jeffrey Maggioncalda to take Financial Engines public. The Internet company’s March IPO was one of this year’s most successful.
Christopher Vogt, who oversees the hedge fund portfolio for $133 billion Allstate Investments, believes managed accounts not only are good practice but also allow investors to add value. He has the data to prove it.
Investors want more liquidity and better transparency, but conflicts of interest are one of a myriad of problems that have arisen with managed accounts.
Attracted by the added safety and control, greater transparency and customization at the portfolio level, hedge fund investors are waking up to the benefits of allocating assets via funds of managed accounts.
Reader comment: There are some drawbacks to managed accounts despite their appeal.
Fund management firms in capital-raising mode are willing to consider managed accounts.
Berkshire Pension Fund’s Nick Greenwood to invest in hedge funds via managed-account platform.
Parly Co.'s Peter Fletcher reduces family office exposure to hedge funds.
Hedge fund investors should insist on independent managed accounts.