Angelo Calvello writes that the JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO’s rejection of Bitcoin is a strident defense of the traditional role performed by banking intermediaries.
IMF cuts global growth forecasts; JPMorgan beats analysts’ estimates; Chinese exports unexpectedly rebound; Peabody files.
Alcoa launches earnings season while Daily Mail mulls Yahoo! bid; Cameron faces Parliament on Panama; StanChart selling Asian loans.
Officials say they will not lower cap; Kuroda signals possible renewed intervention; GOP senators dig in on Supreme Court nominee; Karl Haeling on China and oil prices.
Disappointing earnings from JPMorgan stirs concerns; inflation remains muted in China; Federal Reserve’s Tarullo says rates should not be raised this year.
JPMorgan’s Phillip Hart and Dennis Ruhl are on the cutting edge of applying financial theory to the markets.
Reduced inventories and smaller issuers have put a strain on bond market liquidity. But all is not lost if the Fed raises rates.
The gains for Eric Mindich’s firm come from a variety of strategies and locations. And generally, it’s a good year for multistrategy.
Look to shipping assets as a source of returns as interest rates and inflation eventually roll back in.
Equity returns this quarter have been a mixed bag, although across most sectors, business fundamentals look reassuring.